I have been thinking about the 2016 election.  Clearly, the Russians wanted Trump to beat Clinton in 2016, few people besides Trump’s tweets doubt that these days. U.S. intelligence agencies agree that the Russians interfered with the election in multiple ways designed to undermine the Clinton campaign.

However, there is an element to all the talk about Trump/Russia collusion that I have not heard anybody mention.  What about the Republican primary process?  It wasn’t simply that the Russians wanted Clinton to lose, they also wanted their boy, Putin’s would-be sock puppet Trump to win.  So, don’t you wonder how much effort the Russians put in to making sure Trump won the nomination?  It takes no stretch of the imagination at all to see how the same techniques that were applied to undermining Clinton could be used against Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, or Chris Christi.  Did the Russians take active steps to help wreck the candidacies of Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, and Rick Santorum?  Did the Russians manipulate Republican primary voters the way they manipulated the electorate for the general election?

Is it possible that the entire Republican Party on the national scale is just a big Russian puppet show?  That would go a long way to explaining why the Republicans cannot get one damned thing on their agenda accomplished.  Their near total paralysis totally suits the Russian goal of disempowering the U.S. in world affairs.

Just something to think about…