Odd timing? (or not)

So, on 9 February 2019 the Top5s channel on Youtube put out this video about remote viewing and Project Stargate:

The video, while interesting and well presented on its own, also states up front that it is also promoting a documentary titled Third Eye Spies, about the same subject matter and due to be released 1 March 2019.

Here is a trailer for the film:

No big deal in and of itself, it would seem.  What I find odd is that just days before the release of this new film, John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight program on HBO puts out a major piece trashing psychics as phonies.

You can watch the video here:

Now I understand what the video was getting at, there are lots of charlatans out there preying on people.  His focus is on rip-off artists.  But he basically tars every person claiming to have psychic abilities with the same brush, which strikes me as not right.  And the timing of the release just strikes me as, well, odd.  Coincidence?  Some entity’s attempt to help discredit research into psychic phenomena?  As they say, you decide.