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Music of the day

A wonderful performance of The Story In Your Eyes, written and sung by Justin Hayward of the late, great Moody Blues.

Justin Hayward, The Story In Your Eyes

First, they will come for your books, and then they will come for you.

Book burners.

Music of the day

The original band members of A Flock of Seagulls reunited and joined by the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra for a re-recording of Space Age Love Song. Wonderful.

A Flock Of Seagulls – Space Age Love Song (With the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra)


So, after an extended period of inactivity peppered with health problems, this blog is returning to activity! With new hosting and some possible future changes in appearance, I look forward to helping fill up the Internet with posts that are — sometimes — of perhaps questionable value. Yay!

Florida is…

67) The place where this incestuous arsonist set fire to his girlfriend’s car. She’s also his cousin. Nice.

68) The place where this worthless, racist piece of shit was doing his neo-nazi anti-semitic shtick: Florida man arrested for hanging swastikas, neo-Nazi flags on bridge

69) The place where sportsmanship is demonstrated by criminal acts: Football player rips helmet off opponent in brutal high school attack. For this outrage, the perpetrator has been hit with a whopping one game suspension.

New music from Golden Salt

Golden Salt — Crystal — April 2023

A trip to Mars with SpaceX

Stop the spread

Classic humor

Ten years later, it still makes me laugh.

Music of the day

Moon Taxi’s official video for the song Mission, released in 2021.

Moon Taxi — Mission — 2021

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