So it seems I have an actual talent for something

It turns out I am really good at not bothering to breathe while I am asleep, and so I am also really good at getting my blood oxygen level significantly lower than it should be.  Yay me!  Sleep time is not the only time I have breathing problems, but the problems are worse at night. So, I will be getting some equipment to help counter the effects of severe sleep apnea.  I think I will be writing some blog posts to describe the process and my progress.  Maybe it will help somebody else.


Yeah, that last post was a whopping 845 words.  I get it.  Too long to pay attention to.  And that’s fine.  It’s always your choice to read or not.  I write the same either way.  If everything goes to hell in a handbasket and you end up having no idea how or why, that’s on you too.