About the future

This is the 22nd consecutive daily post to this blog. The longest such stretch in its history. That string of posts will eventually break, and likely soon. This blog, like so much of my life, is without much meaning or purpose. As it stands, I cannot afford to continue the hosting plan I am on. While I won’t shut the blog down, the blog will change. Posts will be less frequent and ads will appear. Such is life. If I fall into some money, I might improve the hosting. If I get some inspiration for a specific direction to take this blog… well, we’ll see what happens. Come September things here will change unless my circumstances change. Just so you know. In the rather unlikely event that anyone actually reads this.

Support your favorite artists

A message from Bandcamp:


The Covid-19 pandemic has hit artists especially hard as tours and shows are canceled for the foreseeable future. To help support those impacted, we’re waiving our revenue share on all sales this Friday, March 20, from midnight to midnight PST. If you are able, please join us in putting some much needed money directly into artists’ pockets.

Read more about why we’re doing this, and please help us spread the word!

You don’t need to restrict yourself to supporting music. Local artists of all kinds in your community could use your help in these difficult times.

By the way, this is my 400th post to this blog. My thanks to all of you who are following along.

So it seems I have an actual talent for something

It turns out I am really good at not bothering to breathe while I am asleep, and so I am also really good at getting my blood oxygen level significantly lower than it should be.  Yay me!  Sleep time is not the only time I have breathing problems, but the problems are worse at night. So, I will be getting some equipment to help counter the effects of severe sleep apnea.  I think I will be writing some blog posts to describe the process and my progress.  Maybe it will help somebody else.