Those dang Kurds!

I’m not making this up.

Trump is complaining that no Kurds assisted in the D-Day invasion.

After extensive research it has also been found that:

  • No Kurds helped toss tea into the harbor during the Boston Tea Party
  • No Kurds helped raise the US flag on Iwo Jima
  • There were no Kurds defending Washington, D.C. during the War of 1812
  • No Kurds defended The Alamo
  • No Kurds helped hunt witches in Salem, MA
  • No Kurds flew with Charles Lindbergh across the Atlantic
  • No Kurds helped to defend against Eli Manning’s passes in two Super Bowl losses by the Patriots.

So, I suppose it comes as no surprise that Trump has agreed to the mass slaughter of the Kurds in Syria by the Turks.

A logical response to a serious problem

Drone attacks on two major Saudi oil facilities caused extensive damage. Estimates suggest that, for now at least, Saudi oil output will be halved as a result, reducing global production by about 6%.

The media are full of speculation about who is really responsible for the attacks and what the responses will be. I would like to suggest what the response ought to be. The U.S. and indeed the rest of the world need to expand, enhance, and accelerate efforts to eliminate the dependence on fossil fuels.

This drop in Saudi oil production will reduce world supplies and drive up prices. This may be a boon for other oil producers, but it will damage world economies and hurt consumers. The global recession that many experts are expecting will probably arrive sooner.

The situation as it stands is bad enough, but if war breaks out between Iran and Saudi Arabia (and who knows how many other countries in the region) things will rapidly go from bad to much, much worse.

The best way to avoid the direct effects of instabilities in the oil markets is to not need the oil in the first place. The fact that an accelerated reduction in the burning of fossil fuels would be a positive response to climate change is a bonus. I would think that even people who are convinced that climate change is a hoax can see the logic of not needing a resource with so much volatility associated with it.

U.S. Tourism Update

A follow-up to a previous post.

On April 23 another Grand Canyon visitor, this time an elderly woman, hurtled to her death about 200 feet below the rim.  This is the fifth Grand Canyon death so far this year.  Not all have happened in the official national park.

How long until someone wants to ruin the view by putting elaborate, high fencing all along the rim in an attempt to prevent stupid people from being stupid?


New U.S. tourism trend

The latest hot trend in U.S. tourism is falling over the edge of the Grand Canyon and plummeting to your death.  Recently, there have been three such airborne deaths at the canyon in the span of just over a week.

The “things happen in threes” rule suggest that the trend may be over, but we are dealing with humans in the age of smart phones, so this could go on for a while.