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My eternal thanks

My eternal thanks go to the humans and wolves that came together some 30,000 years ago to share food and protection in difficult times. This required bravery and trust on both sides, and the bond between the two continues to ever strengthen. Go hug your dog now.

Not a typical World War II video

Escape of the Red Sea Flotilla: RAMB I, RAMB II and Eritrea

Youtube channel suggestion

Simon Whistler has, at last count, eight Youtube channels. I don’t subscribe to all of them, but one I do subscribe to is his (as of this writing) latest, called Megaprojects. I like the content; and the writing, as well as Simon’s delivery, are a bit less formal than in some some of his other channels.

Anyway, I thought I would share with you his most recent (as of today) Megaprojects video. You might find it, and the series, interesting.

Megaprojects – The Transatlantic Telegraph Cable – 22 June 2020

Discovering Uranus

The History Guy delves into William Herschel and the discovery of Uranus.

The Discovery of Uranus – The History Guy






Putin Puppet.


Historians roasting Trump

Classics.  Thank you Samantha Bee and friends.






Samuel Whittemore, real patriot – no bone spurs!

The History Guy: History Deserves to Be Remembered is another of my favorite YouTube channels.  This is a great episode:


Nukes in Space

Here is the new trailer for the documentary Nukes in Space.  57 minutes long, narrated by William Shatner.


Our Story In One Minute

A truly fabulous video with wonderful music.  Definitely check it out.


A different kind of music video.

I made this:


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