More family hijinx at Walmart

I don’t know why this kind of behavior happens so often at Walmart (a.k.a. Satan’s Playground) – it just does.  This time we’re in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.  Headline says it all, linked to the article for the juicy bits (Hey! Put down that muffin mix!)

Mother let dog run loose in Wisconsin Walmart and performed a series of karate moves while son stripped naked, police say

Eau Claire Walmart, where they put the “sin” in Wisconsin!


More horrible people in Texas

Here is the headline to start you off (article is linked):

Texas Lawmakers Are Considering The Death Penalty For Women Who Get Abortions

House Bill 896 aims to criminalize all abortions and defines the procedure as homicide, which is punishable by death in Texas.
Obviously, these people have no respect for the separation of church and state.  But beyond that, this is just another example of the desire by too many Texans to turn Texas into a theocracy.  The Texas Taliban should move to Afghanistan.
If you think Trumpism is bad, wait until you live in a theocracy.

New U.S. tourism trend

The latest hot trend in U.S. tourism is falling over the edge of the Grand Canyon and plummeting to your death.  Recently, there have been three such airborne deaths at the canyon in the span of just over a week.

The “things happen in threes” rule suggest that the trend may be over, but we are dealing with humans in the age of smart phones, so this could go on for a while.


Texas has bigger worries than the border

A chemical fire at a KMCO chemical plant in Crosby, TX has killed one person and critically injured two others.  The fire occurred April 2, 2019.  On March 17, 2019 there was another fire at a chemical storage facility operated by Intercontinental Terminals Company in Deer Park, TX.  The Deer Park fire burned for several days and resulted in air quality warnings being issued.

In 2017 there was an explosion and fire at another facility in Crosby as a result of the impact of Hurricane Harvey.

Do a news search for “Texas chemical fire” and you might be amazed at the number and severity of incidents.  This is just a hunch on my part, but it seems that someone in Texas is more likely to be killed or injured by a chemical plant incident than by someone who crossed the southern border.  Let’s hear it for poor regulations with lax enforcement!