SpaceX rocks again!

Those space wizards over at SpaceX have done it yet again.  This morning they launched a Falcon 9 rocket from Vandenberg Air Force Base carrying ten Iridium-3 satellites into orbit.  All ten satellites deployed successfully.  Also, the Falcon 9 first stage successfully landed on the drone ship in the Pacific so that it can be used again in a future launch.  Right now no country or company on Earth does space launches like SpaceX does space launches.

You can watch a replay of the whole thing, including the first stage landing and the satellite deployments here:

WTF? Sean Hannity edition

So a headline over at HuffPost this morning reads:

“Incensed Sean Hannity Says Talking Gun Control After Las Vegas Is ‘Shameful’”

Actually, Hannity’s comment is itself entirely shameful.  Yes, I believe in the First Amendment, and he has the right to say what he thinks, and those ass hats at Fox give him a platform on which to say it; but that doesn’t mean he is right or even sane.  He needs his mouth washed out with soap and he should be sent to his room until, I dunno, maybe forever.

And yes, I know he isn’t the only one saying what he said.  But all of those political hacks, media blowhards, and self-appointed experts are wrong.  In fact, they are counting on it never being a good time to talk about gun control.  Instead, the NRA tools have a bill before Congress right now meant to ease restrictions on gun silencers.  Gee, I wonder if it is a good time to discuss that?

About Las Vegas

I am waiting for the inevitable NRA statement that if all the concertgoers had been armed, the shooting would not have happened.  Also, be sure to watch for Alex Jones claiming that the whole attack was a false flag operation by pro-Obama deep state operatives that want to take everyone’s guns away.

This stuff has to stop.

Donald “The Nauseator” Trump

It would be so easy to make this blog a daily anti-Trump screed.  I really do not want to do that.  However, every once in a while he does something that is so far beyond the pale that I become physically nauseated.  His dedication of a golf trophy to the people of Puerto Rico is one such moment.  I do not need to repeat or add to the long list of on-line sarcastic and highly critical reactions that have been made to this event.  Frankly, all I can do is completely agree with the person in the crowd, who at that moment called out: “You don’t give a shit about Puerto Rico.”

’nuff said.