My favorite chocolate milk

I will admit, I haven’t tried every brand out there.  There could be something I would like better… but I doubt it.  To me, the best chocolate milk on the market in the U.S. is Promised Land Midnight Chocolate Milk.  I think Prince might have written Nothing Compares 2 U while contemplating an empty bottle of this chocolate nectar.


Traditional Quality

For over 200 years these pencils have been made the traditional way out of the remnants of Fort Ticonderoga so your pencil will be mightier than the sword.

Road Trip!

Hop on your hobby-horse and head on over to Barnes & Noble.  Go to the coffee shop.  Get yourself a slice of Hershey Chocolate Cheesecake.  Do this ASAP, while brick & mortar B&N stores still exist.

What are you waiting for?  GO!

Napping is weird

Albert Einstein discovered Time Dilation, but I doubt even he could tell us why when we nap, sometimes we will sleep for 30 minutes and feel like we must have slept at least 6 hours, and we can sleep for over 8 hours and wake up convinced no more than 15 minutes have passed.

Then there is that whole “I just took a nap and I feel even more tired now.” thing.

Thinking about life.

There are always people that think they know us well, but what they actually know well is a carefully scripted and managed narrative.  However, there are also people, some quite unexpected, that truly know us all too well.

This really bugged me today…

So, I was working behing the front counter at the store, minding my own business and putting stuff away.  Someone else was on the register.  A small group of women had all shopped together and were now checking out together.  One was telling a story about an admittedly dumb-sounding thing her husband had done.  They all had a laugh and another woman in the group actually said, “Well, what do you expect from men, they’re all so stupid.”  They all laughed even more and expressed their agreement.  Fine, have a laugh.  But I cannot escape the idea that if I had said, within earshot, the same thing about women, I would have been instantly pilloried for being a misogynist jerk.  They probably would have wanted to complain to the manager.

My point is, if you want bad behavior to stop, start by policing your own behavior.