With news like this, why should I even get out of bed in the morning?

All are actual headlines from this morning’s news:

Paralegal killed during protest of Charlottesville white supremacist rally: ‘She died doing what was right’

Not sexting? You’re weird, study says

Police: Florida man dies after punch from Uber driver

Alabama man beats brother with aluminum baseball bat over Taco Bell

Police Stood By As Mayhem Mounted in Charlottesville

Blac Chyna wrangles a wedgie

Man savagely slays his mother, sister and her friend with hammer in Long Island

AirDropping penis pics is the latest horrifying subway trend

Ex-KKK Leader David Duke Says White Supremacists Will ‘Fulfill’ Trump’s Promises

Reward offered in Bayshore Gardens double homicide

A couple things on my mind…

First off, I must say that there is something wonderful about finally getting an overdue haircut.  They could have shampooed my hair for hours, it felt so nice.  And getting the hair out of my eyes, that is sweet.

Secondly, I should be going to these meetings: