The Top 5 Butter Delivery Systems

5) lobster — delicious but messy and expensive

4) whole wheat toast — straight from the toaster to your butter dish

3) egg bread (challah) — sliced thick and served warm

2) egg noodles — yummy, hot, wet, and buttery*

1) corn muffin — nature’s perfect butter delivery system

*yes, I realize that could also describe oral sex

Another reason to worry if Trump wins the election

After a 2020 election win we can likely expect Trump and his bigot weasel Stephen Miller to pull out another page from the autocratic playbook. Namely, the page that says: If you don’t like the beliefs or activities of some of your people, criminalize them.

China’s treatment of muslims is a gross example of this principle in action. This article sums up the China situation and is well worth reading: Newly Released Database Shows How China Criminalized Muslim Faith