More free music!

Who is up for some more free music?  Over at Bandcamp, Spotted Peccary Music has released Ambient Electronic Sampler 31.  This sampler, 70 minutes long, can be downloaded at name your own price, including free.  Why not check it out?

Followers of my blog know what a fan I am of Bandcamp, where artists can share and sell their music.  As of the date of this blog post, the Bandcamp web site says: Fans have paid artists $264 million using Bandcamp, and $6.4 million in the last 30 days alone.  Bandcamp is the place where you can help artists make a living creating the music you love to listen to.

Big Bandcamp News!

Anyone who follows this blog knows I have become a big fan of  It is now my most frequent source of music downloads.  One thing that has been missing from Bandcamp has been an easy way to gift purchases on the site.  Problem solved.  Bandcamp now offers gift cards!

Gift cards can be used for downloads of music and also for purchases of many physical objects.  My guess is that over time, more and more artists will let you pay for physical CDs and merchandise.

Anyway, this is great news for music lovers that want to do more music giving.  And just in time for the holidays.  Thanks Bandcamp!


Free Music at Bandcamp! Yum!

Projekt Records, via Bandcamp, has a free digital download of Area’s Agate Lines, a best of/retrospective album with material from all five albums and previously unreleased songs.  Area is a darkwave/dreampop band and this album is available  at name your price (including free).  Of course the nice thing to do would be to pay something, think of it as a tip.  All the tracks can be previewed at the Bandcamp page.  Go for it!

Area-Agate Lines cover