My favorite chocolate milk

I will admit, I haven’t tried every brand out there.  There could be something I would like better… but I doubt it.  To me, the best chocolate milk on the market in the U.S. is Promised Land Midnight Chocolate Milk.  I think Prince might have written Nothing Compares 2 U while contemplating an empty bottle of this chocolate nectar.


Napping is weird

Albert Einstein discovered Time Dilation, but I doubt even he could tell us why when we nap, sometimes we will sleep for 30 minutes and feel like we must have slept at least 6 hours, and we can sleep for over 8 hours and wake up convinced no more than 15 minutes have passed.

Then there is that whole “I just took a nap and I feel even more tired now.” thing.

Thinking about life.

There are always people that think they know us well, but what they actually know well is a carefully scripted and managed narrative.  However, there are also people, some quite unexpected, that truly know us all too well.