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A follow-up re Macs

If you are interested, I can direct you to some additional information relating to my earlier blog post about recent Macs and the Mac operating system.

This blog post by security researcher Jeffrey Paul further explains why Apple’s decisions about hardware design and operating system implementation are so problematic. If you are a Mac user and have any concerns at all about the privacy and security of your recent or future systems this is a must-read article.

To be fair, it can be argued that Apple’s approach can make it harder for someone who actually steals your computer to wipe it and treat it as their own. However, I feel that the way Apple restricts your ability to independently manage your machine while leaving it open to outside interference and monitoring far outweighs this limited benefit.

No new Macs for me

The arrogance of Apple/Tim Cook has gone too far. All their talk about the security of their devices and systems is just a whitewash over steps that would make Orwell blush.

This is a must-read piece if you are thinking of buying a new Mac or upgrading your operating system.

What to do? Steps include not updating to the new Big Sur operating system, not buying any Apple Silicon -based Macs, making sure you’re using Little Snitch or some other firewall software that will let you intercept Apple’s outbound traffic from your system, and taking a long, hard look at your relationship with Apple.

I’ve used Macs for many years, I have a significant investment in software for my Macs. I can continue to use my current Macs (or newer replacements, if necessary) – I’m comfortable with them and they meet my needs. But I will stick with the rules I outlined above. If I have to walk away from using Macs, I will. Currently the greatest personal inconvenience in using Linux involves support for my iPod (which is essential to me). Linux is not a solution for most art/design pros. Windows, of course, continues as a platform that will support my iPod, if I have to go that direction. There is a lot of Pro-level software that is available for both Mac and Windows. Moving to Windows from the Mac is easier than ever nowadays.

I used to dream about having the funds to buy a maxed-out Mac system, now I will dream of assembling my own custom high-performance computer running anything but Apple operating systems.

Reminder for computer users

Backups: they are always in season and never go out of style.

It’s always a question of “when” not “if” your computer will fail.

Just to be clear about this, also…

panic shoppers – acetone is not a proper substitute for isopropyl alcohol.

Just to be clear about this…

for everyone in COVID-19 quarantine: Hand sanitizer is not a proper substitute for lube during sex.

Pro Tip #2

The second in an infrequent series of Pro Tips.

Take it from a pro, mixing the tastes of Walgreens cherry/menthol cough drops with ginger ale is not something you want to do.  Trust me on this one, I’m a Pro.

Pro Tip #1

When you visit a pharmacy, try to avaoid getting in line behind someone taking multiple anti-psycotic meds.  You are likely to be there a long time.

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