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Engineering humor

A hydroelectric dam is also known as a heavy water reactor.

It could work…

cartoon image of a practical joke

Christianity’s origin

Brilliantly succinct.

World News Roundup

You can look it up!

White House: Hillary Clinton shot JFK from a secret deep state bunker under the grassy knoll.

Fermi Paradox Solved! Androgynous space aliens refuse to land fearing that Trump will grab their crotches and try to separate them from their children.

And now a word from our sponsor:

New music from Black Tape for a Blue Girl

The new release, titled Highlights, is available for digital download from Projekt Records on Bandcamp. This is a name-your-price (including free) release. Of course the right thing to do is pay something if you can.

From the album’s description:

Ethereal, evocative, powerful and introspective, Black Tape For A Blue Girl’s recent studio albums expand upon the sweeping darkwave / art rock aesthetic they’ve developed over the past 34 years. Their eclectic, modernist approach refreshes BlackTape’s pioneering musical sentiments while maintaining the unique originality of their sound.

HIGHLIGHTS collects 10-tracks in a 50 minute overview of their last four years, ranging from ethereal dream pop to brooding darkwave, to atmospheric ambient drone. Three non-album cuts include a re-recording of 1989’s “Through sky blue rooms,” while on the 2020 exclusive-to-this-collection version of 1987’s “Scream, my shallow” vocalist Danielle Herrera recreates this harrowing story of obsession and denial.

Nice try, robot…

More brilliance from

You can say that again…


Thanks to the ever-terrific

Shocking!: This didn’t happen in Florida

The headline says enough, but the added details in the article are worth a read:

A woman with a history of dog sex has been indicted for bank robbery


New music from Qntal

New CD release from Qntal.  Qntal VIII – Nachtblume is their first album in four years.  You can order it at Projekt Records.

Qntal - Nachtblume

The hardest part is getting apples moving at relativistic speeds

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