A naval update

As I have mentioned before, the U.S. Navy has had a series of horrible events resulting in numerous deaths and injuries as well as significant damage to ships in the Pacific Fleet.  The ongoing response to these events, and the questions they raise about naval operations lead to firings all the way up to and including the then-head of the U.S. 7th Fleet.

In the latest news, five officers that were involved in two of the collisions are facing charges of negligent homicide.  Next comes a hearing to decide if the officers will be brought before a court-martial.  In two separate incidents, the collisions involving the USS Fitzgerald and the USS John S. McCain claimed the lives of 17 sailors.  Other charges and administrative actions are also being brought against other lower-level crew on the ships.

A report released by the Navy late last year said that both of these collisions, as well as a ship grounding and a third collision were all avoidable.  Another report details numerous changes to be made to address many aspects of training as well as crew sleep and stress management.

Making a wrong turn.

Trump, to borrow a phrase (cannot recall where I might have heard it), must be tired of all the winning he has been doing.  It is the only explanation I can think of for the decision he and his handlers have made to double down in Afghanistan.  Well, now he will get a great big lose-burger to eat.  Sadly, it will be costly for all of us.

History is ready to teach us if we are ready to learn.

The relevant lesson to learn is that outsiders never win in Afghanistan.  You can pour in all the national blood and treasure that you want, in the end you leave with nothing.  Whether or not you are attempting nation building has nothing to do with it.  The nature of the place itself, and that of its people, dictate that outsiders lose.  Poppy crops and civil wars can come and go, but the heart of the country never changes and cannot be defeated by anyone foolish enough to wander in there with conquest on their mind.

So now the US is going to waste more money and destroy more lives by perpetuating the longest war we’ve ever prosecuted. Sad!