WTF? Sean Hannity edition

So a headline over at HuffPost this morning reads:

“Incensed Sean Hannity Says Talking Gun Control After Las Vegas Is ‘Shameful’”

Actually, Hannity’s comment is itself entirely shameful.  Yes, I believe in the First Amendment, and he has the right to say what he thinks, and those ass hats at Fox give him a platform on which to say it; but that doesn’t mean he is right or even sane.  He needs his mouth washed out with soap and he should be sent to his room until, I dunno, maybe forever.

And yes, I know he isn’t the only one saying what he said.  But all of those political hacks, media blowhards, and self-appointed experts are wrong.  In fact, they are counting on it never being a good time to talk about gun control.  Instead, the NRA tools have a bill before Congress right now meant to ease restrictions on gun silencers.  Gee, I wonder if it is a good time to discuss that?

Donald “The Nauseator” Trump

It would be so easy to make this blog a daily anti-Trump screed.  I really do not want to do that.  However, every once in a while he does something that is so far beyond the pale that I become physically nauseated.  His dedication of a golf trophy to the people of Puerto Rico is one such moment.  I do not need to repeat or add to the long list of on-line sarcastic and highly critical reactions that have been made to this event.  Frankly, all I can do is completely agree with the person in the crowd, who at that moment called out: “You don’t give a shit about Puerto Rico.”

’nuff said.