Befuddled in the White House

Look at this photo:

Befuddled Trump – Alex Brandon/AP Photo

The current occupant of the White House shows us all we need to know about his approach to the COVID-19 crisis. Visiting the CDC in Atlanta, he is clearly old, confused, and in over his head. He doesn’t realize how much he doesn’t understand as he holds up a (to him) meaningless piece of paper like a child at show & tell. His failures will result in increased infections and deaths.

You know you’re in trouble when this person is supposedly in charge during a crisis.

You know you’re in trouble when…

You know you’re in troble when something important to you is dependent on the American company most hated by its customers, employees, and the general public: Comcast.  These bozos are ill-prepared, incompetent, greedy, and awful shysters.  If you look up “shyster” in the dictionary, the definition includes a photo of a lawyer who advertises all the time on TV and the Comcast logo.