Texas has bigger worries than the border

A chemical fire at a KMCO chemical plant in Crosby, TX has killed one person and critically injured two others.  The fire occurred April 2, 2019.  On March 17, 2019 there was another fire at a chemical storage facility operated by Intercontinental Terminals Company in Deer Park, TX.  The Deer Park fire burned for several days and resulted in air quality warnings being issued.

In 2017 there was an explosion and fire at another facility in Crosby as a result of the impact of Hurricane Harvey.

Do a news search for “Texas chemical fire” and you might be amazed at the number and severity of incidents.  This is just a hunch on my part, but it seems that someone in Texas is more likely to be killed or injured by a chemical plant incident than by someone who crossed the southern border.  Let’s hear it for poor regulations with lax enforcement!


Free Music From Projekt Records

Projekt Records has released a new, free, music sampler.  The Projekt Spring 2019 sampler is almost two hours long and can be downloaded for free through bandcamp.com.  Yes, it really is free, but anything you choose to pay is greatly appreciated — 14 tracks (all of which can be previewed), 10 artists — yes, it is definitely worth ponying up a couple bucks at least.  I am not affiliated with Projekt, I just love what they do and support them as much as I can.

Projekt Spring 2019 480

Don’t forget, bandcamp.com is a great place to find new music and support the artists.  You can check out my bandcamp profile of purchases and wish list here.

Another corporate rat bastard

Wells Fargo chief executive (aka asshole-in-charge) Tim Sloan is leaving his position as head of a bank notorious for fucking its customers without benefit of lube.  It is estimated that Sloan received $150 million in compensation since 2001 for his role in pounding the asses of the bank’s customers.  His retirement package is worth more than $24 million.  Why is he not going to jail?

This comes as no surprise

Headline on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, dated 28 March 2019:

Top Saudi Companies Join Up To
Boost Crown Prince’s Plan

Given that failure to go along with the prince will result in anything from the arrest to the murder of the executives of the companies involved, enthusiastic cooperation is not unexpected.