A follow-up about the US Navy

In August, 2017 I wrote about problems in the US Navy’s Pacific Fleet.  As a result of the collision by the USS John S. McCain that killed 10 sailors and injured 5 others, the commanding officer and executive officer have now been relieved of duty.  Also, if you were not aware, in the early days after that collision, the then-commander of the US Navy’s 7th Fleet was also relieved of duty.  The investigation into the McCain’s accident continues.

SpaceX rocks again!

Those space wizards over at SpaceX have done it yet again.  This morning they launched a Falcon 9 rocket from Vandenberg Air Force Base carrying ten Iridium-3 satellites into orbit.  All ten satellites deployed successfully.  Also, the Falcon 9 first stage successfully landed on the drone ship in the Pacific so that it can be used again in a future launch.  Right now no country or company on Earth does space launches like SpaceX does space launches.

You can watch a replay of the whole thing, including the first stage landing and the satellite deployments here:

If you think hurricane blackouts are bad…

then you need to learn about the Carrington Event, and the next global blackout.  Really.

The video above is good as far as it goes, but it doesn’t make the problems of recovery scary enough.  Large electrical transformers cannot simply be ordered off the shelf.  Some of the parts and materials used in them are in short supply and it can take over a year to get one delivered – assuming there is no blackout affecting the manufacturing and transportation of the unit.  Repairing and/or replacing electrical grid components will be a nightmare of epic proportions.

I could go on and on discussing how costly and lengthy recovery from a Carrington Event will be, but doing what we can to harden our electrical distribution network will go a long way toward mitigating the other problems that will arise.  It is easy to think about roads, bridges, and piplelines when thinking about infrastructure updates, but the electrical grid needs lots of attention.

Experts say there is a 12% chance (roughly 1 in 8) of a Carrington-level event happening by 2022.

If you want to keep track of what the sun is up to, I suggest the site spaceweather.com for a great daily look at what is up with the sun.

My favorite chocolate milk

I will admit, I haven’t tried every brand out there.  There could be something I would like better… but I doubt it.  To me, the best chocolate milk on the market in the U.S. is Promised Land Midnight Chocolate Milk.  I think Prince might have written Nothing Compares 2 U while contemplating an empty bottle of this chocolate nectar.


Traditional Quality

For over 200 years these pencils have been made the traditional way out of the remnants of Fort Ticonderoga so your pencil will be mightier than the sword.