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Astronomy humor

Star types explained by

This article is about Eta Carinae, a luminous blue hypergiant with anomalous Fe[ii] emission spectra. For the 1998 Brad Bird film, see The Iron Giant (film).

Astronomy humor is at it again.

It may remain in equilibrium for some time, slowly growing, and then suddenly become significantly redder.

Beautiful and fascinating NASA/Hubble visualization

Fly to and through the Orion Nebula.

10 of the Milky Way’s Most Interesting Stars

Planetary nebula NGC 2899

From the European Southern Observatory.

Zooming in on the planetary nebula NGC 2899

Night Sky Preview and Astrophysics News

Dr. Becky Smethurst previews the upcoming month’s most notable sky events and then brings us up to date on important developments in astrophysics.

Dr. Becky – NightSky News June 2020

Our stellar neighborhood

10 Close Stars and What They are Like by John Michael Godier

10 Close Stars and What They are Like

From Saturn to the Galactic Core

Saturn in 2005 as seen by the Cassini probe:

The center of our galaxy, combining X-ray and radio emissions (you definitely want to explore the expanded, full-size image):

Simulation of the development of the universe

With music!

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