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Music of the day

Thinking about Australia, I got an idea for a music video. Ashes Are Burning performed by Faith & Disease.

Ashes Are Burning – Faith & Disease

Plenty hot and toasty

Climate change deniers love to equate weather with climate.  Some may be ignorant or stupid regarding the difference, some are no doubt being deliberate in their statements in an attempt to confuse the public.  Whatever the case, there is a fresh stream of hot denial air blowing because of the extreme cold weather happening across so much of North America the last several days.

So, I wonder how the climate change deniers will explain what is happening in Australia these days?  If you haven’t noticed, temperatures in the Sydney area are the highest in almost 80 years, hitting 117℉.  There are power outages and bush fires.  People are advised to stay indoors because of elevated ozone in the ground-level atmosphere.  Climate change deniers won’t be mentioning any of this since it doesn’t fit their false narrative.

Remember weather is not climate.  Weather is the immediate snapshot of what is happening right now in a locality.  Climate is about the long-term big picture over a broad area or the entire planet.  Changes in the climate can result in wild swings in weather patterns, as we are currently seeing in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

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