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Do not ask “Where will it end?” You already know the answer.

Trump and Hitler - their rhetoric compared.

No other option

Imagine, if you will, if Trump and his supporters had these on 6 January 2021

This Trump joke is not at all funny

Trump will not go quietly if he loses in November; and if he wins, well he may never leave…

‘There will never be a peaceful transition of power’: 18 times Trump said he won’t leave the Oval Office

Another reason to worry if Trump wins the election

After a 2020 election win we can likely expect Trump and his bigot weasel Stephen Miller to pull out another page from the autocratic playbook. Namely, the page that says: If you don’t like the beliefs or activities of some of your people, criminalize them.

China’s treatment of muslims is a gross example of this principle in action. This article sums up the China situation and is well worth reading: Newly Released Database Shows How China Criminalized Muslim Faith

Timely Special Edition

Just in time for the upcoming summit.  Well played TT!

Top Tyrant V1SE1

Everybody who is anybody is reading this new magazine

Cover of the first issue, sure to be a collector’s item:

Top Tyrant V1I1

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