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This is how it starts.

Trump admires authoritarian dictators a wants to be like them. The process is already underway.

You cannot afford to ignore this video

Time for another look

Under the current circumstances…

Protests spread over police shootings. Police promised reforms. Every year, they still shoot and kill nearly 1,000 people.

Time to watch this again:

Trigger Warning

The fruits of Trump’s labors

This is what happens when the U.S. president is an openly blatant racist:

Louisiana Police Officer Suggests Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Be Shot In Facebook Post

How long until someone really takes a shot at someone from The Squad, or some other Democrat or person of color?

Postscript: The police officer has been fired.

WTF? Georgia Police Edition

“We only kill black People” – Georgia police officer

I always thought that this video was just a fabulous piece of biting humor:


Now, based on the latest news out of Georgia, it seems it as if it could have been based on an actual police meeting transcript.  If you’re asking yourself, “How stupid and horrible can people be?”, the answer seems to be (as always) “damned stupid and appallingly horrible.”

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