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Music of the day

Chandeen has re-released an HD version of the video for Skywalking, vocals by Antje Schulz.

Chandeen – Skywalking (HD)

Music of the day

Some more recent Chandeen, Julia Beyer providing vocals and lyrics. Shadows Fade from the 2011 album Blood Red Skies.

Chandeen – Shadows Fade – 2011

Music of the day

A trip down memory lane! Three live performance videos from when Antje Schulz was the vocalist/lyricist.

Music of the day

The fourth video from Chandeen’s latest album Mercury Retrograde. The song/video is titled All Ghosts with vocals and lyrics by the truly amazing Julia Beyer.

Chandeen – All Ghosts – 2020

New music from Chandeen

The latest video from their new album Mercury Retrograde, titled Light featuring vocals and lyrics by Holly Henderson and filmed by Julia Beyer.

Chandeen – Light (feat. Holly Henderson) 2020

New music from Chandeen

Chandeen has released a new music video of the song You’re In A Trance to coincide with the release of their new album Mercury Retrograde.

Chandeen – You’re In A Trance – 28 February 2020

Important update: The new Chandeen album is now available on Bandcamp.

Music of the day

Chandeen has a new album, titled Mercury Retrograde, due out 28 February 2020. They have released a new music video in advance titled Ocean Mind. It features amazing vocals by Odile. For more on the band, song, singer, and album check out this article.

For another song from the album, go here.

New Music from Chandeen

Chandeen has a new album coming soon. Titled Mercury Retrograde, it is scheduled to be released 28 February 2020. They have released a song, Vanish, from the upcoming album as a single. The video is below, and you can buy the track now on Bandcamp.

Vanish by Chandeen, released 3 December 2019

New music updates

New music is always good news.  Here are a couple new selections available though the fine folks at Bandcamp.



This is a 5-track digital only EP.

Chandeen Rogue


Black Tape For A Blue Girl:

Knock Three Times (2010 live with Nicki Jaine)

This is a 3-track digital only EP, priced as pay-what-you-want (even free).  Real supporters of course at least tip the artist, right?

Anyway, head over to, give a listen and support these artists – or some other artists.  New (to you) music is good for the soul.

Music of the day.

For your enjoyment, another track from Chandeen, The Wild Unknown:

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