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Does this scare you? It sure as hell scares me.

Straight out of a dystopian nightmare!

Canon uses AI cameras that only let smiling workers inside offices.

Next they will use thought detection to only allow people thinking happy thoughts. Luckily for you, they will gladly supply you with drugs to make you think happy thoughts – and you will feel happy about that. Why am I not surprised that this story is based in China?

Trump’s resignation or ouster is way overdue.

No matter what you think about Bolton, especially about his lack of impeachment testimony, what he says here about Trump relating to China and the coronavirus is very damning and reason enough all by itself for Trump to be removed from office immediately.

Another reason to worry if Trump wins the election

After a 2020 election win we can likely expect Trump and his bigot weasel Stephen Miller to pull out another page from the autocratic playbook. Namely, the page that says: If you don’t like the beliefs or activities of some of your people, criminalize them.

China’s treatment of muslims is a gross example of this principle in action. This article sums up the China situation and is well worth reading: Newly Released Database Shows How China Criminalized Muslim Faith

Impressive view from space

This photo is from the International Space Station, and available in the NASA Earth Observatory collection.  It shows China, North Korea and South Korea.  Can you tell where each is located?


I must be doing something wrong here

Today this blog had a visitor from China.  That’s great, but clearly I have been slacking off if the Chinese government has not yet blocked access to this blog.

Goodbye Opera Browser.

The Opera web browser has been sold to a Chinese company, which means it is now controlled by the Chinese government.  So, I have taken the logical step of deleting the Opera browser from my system.

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