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Ponder this…

If you’re “not too worried” about the impact of climate change, or you are thinking that Very Bad Things™ won’t happen until decades from now, I think you would be well advised to watch this:

The whole population could be in a world of hurt starting, say, tomorrow.

Greta Thunberg gives death stare to Trump

At the U.N. 23 September 2019, and he deserves it!

Note: I think “Death Stare From Greta” is a great name for a band.

A logical response to a serious problem

Drone attacks on two major Saudi oil facilities caused extensive damage. Estimates suggest that, for now at least, Saudi oil output will be halved as a result, reducing global production by about 6%.

The media are full of speculation about who is really responsible for the attacks and what the responses will be. I would like to suggest what the response ought to be. The U.S. and indeed the rest of the world need to expand, enhance, and accelerate efforts to eliminate the dependence on fossil fuels.

This drop in Saudi oil production will reduce world supplies and drive up prices. This may be a boon for other oil producers, but it will damage world economies and hurt consumers. The global recession that many experts are expecting will probably arrive sooner.

The situation as it stands is bad enough, but if war breaks out between Iran and Saudi Arabia (and who knows how many other countries in the region) things will rapidly go from bad to much, much worse.

The best way to avoid the direct effects of instabilities in the oil markets is to not need the oil in the first place. The fact that an accelerated reduction in the burning of fossil fuels would be a positive response to climate change is a bonus. I would think that even people who are convinced that climate change is a hoax can see the logic of not needing a resource with so much volatility associated with it.

Agents of our own destruction

A great video describing humanity’s most likely self-inflicted existential threats:


Good job Norway!

One way to reduce dependence on fossil fuels is to stop pumping them out of the ground.  The headline from The Independent, story is linked:

Norway refuses to drill for billions of barrels of oil in Arctic, leaving ‘whole industry surprised and disappointed’


Conservative ≠ climate change denier*

*At least, not in the world outside the U.S. (please click the link below)

We Are Conservatives and We Believe Climate Change Is Real

Only in the sad and pathetic world of U.S. politics is climate change so politicized and denied.

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