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Nice try, robot…

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The hardest part is getting apples moving at relativistic speeds

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About that pot of gold…

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The Law of USB Cables

I think I have all of these in a box in my closet.

XKCD comic about USB cables

How many do you have?

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Reading recommendation

Here is another web comic I am really enjoying.  Titled Strange Attractors, its is a retro style sci-fi/space opera tale.  The story is character driven and I really like the artwork, especially the comic book covers used at chapter starts.  Check it out.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to spend some time (a lot of time) at the Museum of Lost Things?  Now if only one of our local comic shops had a complete set of Spicy Space Stories


Reading recommendation

Looking for a well-written, well-drawn fantasy to read?  Then I suggest Gaia.  This is an ongoing story that I am really enjoying.  Check it out, and don’t forget to get your glass of rainbow juice!

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