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Night Sky Preview and Astrophysics News

Dr. Becky Smethurst previews the upcoming month’s most notable sky events and then brings us up to date on important developments in astrophysics.

Dr. Becky – NightSky News June 2020

Simulation of the development of the universe

With music!

Cosmology humor

From XKCD 12-12-2019

Not actual size, except technically at one spot near the left.

The Big Bang happened on a Tuesday. Really. As best we can tell.

Tuesday, March 6, if you want a bit more precision.  You may well ask, “How do we know this?”  Well, take a few minutes out of your busy schedule and be illuminated by the video below:


It may well be that Tuesday Afternoon by The Moody Blues could be heard, echoing through time in the background.

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