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Tragic death? Maybe. Well-earned? Yes.

A member of the Texas Taliban got sick and died. No doubt many, if not most, of the circle of people around him will assume this is God’s Will™. So be it. Thank you God for eliminating a voice of lethal misinformation in a way that provides an abject lesson to the unfortunate fools that were listening to him.


Tennessee: where Republicans want the children to die from preventable disease.

This is sick and sickening. Follow the link below for the full story.

Tennessee abandons vaccine outreach to minors — not just for COVID-19.

About exceptionalism

During this U.S. election season, we hear more often about “American exceptionalism.” Sadly, an awful lot of Americans think it means “I’m an American, so you must make an exception for me.” And so, they decide that they don’t need to socially distance and that wearing a face-covering doesn’t apply to them. They refuse to understand that they do not have a right to impose their possible infectiousness on others. It seems that only personal hospitalization turns any of these covidiots into true believers. Alas, our health care system cannot sustain the strain caused by all the covidiots being hospitalized at once.

Trump is a moron

Trump Claims ‘1917’ Pandemic Ended World War II—Which Began in 1939

President Donald Trump suggested Monday evening that the “1917” influenza pandemic ended World War II, wrongly citing both the year that the pandemic occurred and the year that World War II ended.

Just to be clear about this…

Washington Post columnist Max Boot said it best in his 20 July 2020 column:

Trump has repeatedly said that if we didn’t test so much, we wouldn’t have so many cases. That’s like saying you can’t be pregnant if you don’t take a pregnancy test.

This is why we can’t have nice things

20) Georgia Governor Brian Kemp stakes a solid claim on the title of “Shittiest Governor USA 2020”: Georgia Governor Sues Atlanta Mayor To Block Citywide Mask Mandate

This is why we can’t have nice things

19) Some so-called humans are too horrible for words: Bus driver beaten to death after telling passengers to wear face masks

[And people wonder why I sometimes hesitate to go to work…]

Remember the pandemic? It is not going away anytime soon.

So Florida, with a governor infected with slavish devotion to Trump, opened up its economy too soon according to federal standards. Now Florida, along with other similarly overeager states such as Texas and Arizona, is witnessing spikes in COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations. These spikes will no doubt be further boosted due to community spreading during protests – just wait a week or two for the increases to show up. The pandemic moving off the front page of the news does not mean it can be ignored. People who think there might be a “second wave” come autumn should not be surprised when it shows up much earlier, trashing plans for economic recovery.

This is why we can’t have nice things

Special video edition!

17) Covidiots:

18) Basic world-wide horribleness:

This is why we can’t have nice things

15) It seems that being a jackass is a something that runs in the family: Wild brawl over masks leaves Target security guard with broken arm

16) Some people are too stupid for words: Woman cuts hole in face mask to make breathing ‘easier’

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