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Dr. Becky gives us a primer on astro imaging

Dr. Becky – Is the colour in space images “real”? – 2020

Night Sky Preview and Astrophysics News

Dr. Becky Smethurst previews the upcoming month’s most notable sky events and then brings us up to date on important developments in astrophysics.

Dr. Becky – NightSky News June 2020

How galaxies die

Dive into some astrophysics with Dr. Becky.

Fascinating Jupiter

Dr. Becky on Jupiter’s aurora:

Dr Becky Smethurst is an astrophysicist researching galaxies and supermassive black holes at Christ Church at the University of Oxford.

A new favorite video channel

As the title states, I have a new addition to my list of favorite video channels.  Created by Dr. Becky Smethurst, the Dr. Becky channel is a weekly show about astrophysics.  Here is this week’s episode:


I first saw Dr. Becky in her appearances in Brady Haran’s YouTube channels Sixty Symbols and Deep Sky Videos – which are both great and you should subscribe to all three.

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