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If you want to stop a theft…

Do not ask “Where will it end?” You already know the answer.

Trump and Hitler - their rhetoric compared.

A sign of the times

A family portrait

Disgusting filth

photo of Lavrov
AP News

The most soviet-like member of putin’s criminal enterprise is sergey lavrov, the so-called foreign minister of the ruzzian kleptocracy. This miserable pile of rancid rat droppings is best described by the phrase “If his lips are moving, he is lying.”

So many war crimes…

message projected
putin is kidnapping Ukraine’s children

putin’s best friend

bottle of poison winking

putin inspects the Black Sea fleet

ruzzian dictator inspects the Black Sea fleet via submarine

re Ukraine War

putin needs to be hunted down and destroyed like the rabid animal that he is. Next come his ministers, generals, and propagandists. They all must die as war criminals and psychotic beasts.

20 Days in Mariupol (full documentary) | Academy Award® Winner

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