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A Special Message to pope francis re Ukraine

The vile and villainous monsters responsible for this need to die.

The Russian occupiers in the Donetsk region launched a drone attack on rescuers who were extinguishing a fire in the Kramatorsk district. The attack resulted in the deaths of Oleg Martynenko, 29, and Bohdan Ravlyk, 31.

Putin’s favorite toolkit…

’nuff said.

Criminal behavior…

Trump boot-licker and all-around traitor Tucker Carlson “interviewing” kleptocrat war criminal Vladimir “The Asshole” Putin. Fraternizing with a war criminal should put Carlson on sanctions lists and no-fly lists. The best outcome would be him being stuck in his much-loved ruzzia or perhaps being arrested upon landing outside of ruzzia.

Florida is…

70) The place from which Donald “Stinky” Trump, adjudicated rapist facing 91 criminal counts hails, won the New Hampshire primary election. And a lifetime of shame to those who voted for him.

71) The place where this moronic serial repeat offender handed over a methamphetamine-crusted driver’s license to a deputy during a routine traffic stop.

72) The state where this sorry-ass piece of filth threatened to rape and kill a 14-year-old, and their family members, for not sending explicit pictures. May he rot in hell for eternity.

Florida is…

70) Where these two disgustingly evil pieces of shit were doing heinous things: Bradenton man, woman arrested on sexual battery and child porn charges, deputies say

71) The place where democracy is dying a slow, lingering death at the hands of the Republicans: Florida leads the nation in school book bans. That should terrify us.

72) The place where this dumbass, knowing he has outstanding warrants, decided that the best way to lay low was to speed in a school zone, with predictable results: ‘I gotta go’: Florida man wanted on 3 felonies arrested for going 40mph in school zone, police say

Florida is…

67) The place where this incestuous arsonist set fire to his girlfriend’s car. She’s also his cousin. Nice.

68) The place where this worthless, racist piece of shit was doing his neo-nazi anti-semitic shtick: Florida man arrested for hanging swastikas, neo-Nazi flags on bridge

69) The place where sportsmanship is demonstrated by criminal acts: Football player rips helmet off opponent in brutal high school attack. For this outrage, the perpetrator has been hit with a whopping one game suspension.

Florida is…

64) The place where this twisted brute of a monster raped a twelve year old girl: Florida man accused of sexually assaulting, drugging girl, 12, after she asked for cigarette, deputies say

65) The place where this stupid, sorry-ass, miserable excuse for a human decided to give a public demonstration of his worthlessness: Florida man who broke into gas station identified after he left behind his debit card: deputies

66) The place where love blossoms like a delicate flower, except the flower is insane and guns are involved: Florida woman and 19-year-old arrested after alleged love triangle falls apart, leaving 15-year-old boy shot in fit of jealous rage

Florida is…

61) The place where this monster was found to be in possession of over one ton of child pornographic material: Florida man found with over “one ton” worth of child pornography

62) The place where instant karma was visited upon an idiot: Fleeing Florida motorcyclist flips off police before getting hit by truck

63) The place where this drug-addled first degree fuckhead killed two little girls and their grandfather: Florida man high on meth gets life for DUI crash that killed 2 girls, grandfather

Florida is…

58) The place where this total waste of food, water, and oxygen chose as a career path: “repeat offender criminal”: Florida man sentenced to 25 years in federal prison for receiving kilos of cocaine in the mail

59) The place where this dumb-fuck shit-for-brains decided that he always wondered what police thigh tasted like and now was the time to find out: Florida man bites officer after hitting another with car, dancing in traffic, police say

60) The place where so-called humans repeatedly try to answer the ages-old question “Just how stupid can you be?”: Florida burglars call 911 to get help moving stuff: sheriff

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