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About exceptionalism

During this U.S. election season, we hear more often about “American exceptionalism.” Sadly, an awful lot of Americans think it means “I’m an American, so you must make an exception for me.” And so, they decide that they don’t need to socially distance and that wearing a face-covering doesn’t apply to them. They refuse to understand that they do not have a right to impose their possible infectiousness on others. It seems that only personal hospitalization turns any of these covidiots into true believers. Alas, our health care system cannot sustain the strain caused by all the covidiots being hospitalized at once.

What this ad seems to say

Be like us. We drink tequila while riding motorcycles off road without a helmet.

No, thanks.

Of course it happened in Florida

Florida, The Weirdo State™. So here is yet another Florida story.  The headlin says it all, but I have linked to the article.  The photo in the article is especially charming.

Florida Man Gets DUI After Crashing Lawnmower Into Police Car

The suspect’s driver’s license has been suspended since 1978, police said.

Typical Floridian

Another classic Florida headline:

Florida man gets out of jail, immediately steals from car in prison parking lot: cops

The article in the New York Post is a head-shaker, the photo just lovely.

Just say “no” to condom snorting.

This should not require an explanation.  Just don’t be a dumbass.

condom snorting

Hitler as an inspiration to children?

No, I don’t think so.  Nevertheless, a publisher in India thinks so.

Go ahead and read this brief article.

Now, can we all join in a chorus of “What were you thinking?

This planet makes me so tired.

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