Florida lunatics out in full force

It is well past time for Florida to change from being “The Sunshine State” to the much more realistic motto “The Fucktard State.” If you are one of the few people that actually need to ask “Why?” here are the latest examples. The headlines speak for themselves, but also link to full articles for your illumination and entertainment.

What a whack job: Florida cops seeking chubby serial masturbator at construction site

Delivery man bludgeons Florida woman to death and sets her on fire, cops say

Florida man arrested after botched castration: cops

’He’s just a little boy!’ Florida mom tells deputies arresting 15-year-old son over school shooting threat

Time to pack their bags.

Taking a step towards accountability.

I think that all those people who, over the last 8+ years, have stated publicly that they will leave the country if Obama/Clinton/Trump/othercandidate gets elected should, in fact, have to leave the country.  This is their just reward for helping to poison the well of public discourse in the country.

Of course they are entitled to their opinions.  Of course they can exercise their First Ammendment rights.  But if they are going to say asinine things like that, they should be held to their statements.