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Music of the day

JD McPherson rockin’ out live with I Wish You Would. Yum!

JD McPherson – I Wish You Would – December 2014

Music of the day – rockin’ on a Friday night

Tonight’s treat, a double-dose of JD McPherson, an amazing and under-appreciated talent.

Music of the day

Jubilee by JD McPherson.

Jubilee – JD McPherson 2019

Music of the day

Time for another strong hit of JD McPherson

From the 2017 album UNDIVIDED HEART & SOUL

Music of the day

Rock out with some JD McPherson

From the 2010 album Signs & Signifiers

Rockin’ on a Saturday night

J.D. McPherson rocks out with North Side Gal:


and also You Must Have You Met Little Caroline?


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