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This is why we can’t have nice things

13) The larger the group of stupid people, the more stupid it becomes: 5 people were injured during Texas shooting at a park with 600 people

14) Mike Pence, the only one not wearing a mask at the Mayo-freakin-Clinic:


Hey Mitch!

Wish I could make this trip

If I could go to Dayton when Trump visits there, I would carry the biggest version of this sign that I could manage:

America under internal siege

Let us be honest about what is happening in the United States right now. Americans are under attack by white nationalist terrorists that are emboldened by the words, actions, and tone of Donald Trump and the sycophantic Republican party.

No, not all mass shootings are white nationalist terror attacks, but a growing number are. And there are way too many mass shootings taking place all across the country: 251 in the last 216 days. You didn’t know there were that many? Well, you’re not paying attention, and often the press isn’t helping. Many of these shootings take place in lower-income and/or primarily non-white neighborhoods, so they receive less coverage – if any.

It has to stop, but the NRA-owned Congress will not act. As voters, you know what to do.

When does this end?

Fire Congressmen, not weapons.

I’ve posted this before, and I will post it again…

[wpvideo Oy4fAdZC]

About Las Vegas

I am waiting for the inevitable NRA statement that if all the concertgoers had been armed, the shooting would not have happened.  Also, be sure to watch for Alex Jones claiming that the whole attack was a false flag operation by pro-Obama deep state operatives that want to take everyone’s guns away.

This stuff has to stop.

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