I am fed up with those hypocrites over at PETA.  They want to seem all nice and caring and vituous and oh-so-just, but that is very easy to do when you’re siding with kittens and puppy-dogs and baby elephants.

So let me ask you: When was the last time you saw PETA protesting for monster rights?  See?  That’s right, the answer is “never.”  But we have basements and attics and warehouses and dungeons all over that are filled with werewolves,  lamia, lagoon creatures, arachne, sirens, and lord knows how many other monsters.  And why are they kept locked-up (in probably horrible conditions)?  All so that their precious bodily fluids can be systematically drained and turned into energy drinks.

I’ll bet you’ve even seen PETA members drinking those very same energy drinks.  It’s monsterous I tell you.  When will PETA turn away from their hypocritical ways and renounce monster abuse?  When will it end?