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SpaceX takes huge step towards Crew Dragon manned flight

On 19 January 2020 SpaceX and NASA conducted a test of the Crew Dragon launch escape system. They launched an unmanned Crew Dragon with a Falcon 9 rocket and had the Falcon 9 deliberately fail to test the escape system. As you can see in the video below, all went well and there was an amazing – and expected – explosion along the way. This is a very important step towards having US astronauts launch into space on a US built space craft from US soil, perhaps as soon as the second quarter of the year.

James Webb Space Telescope news

Well over budget and well behind schedule, The James Webb Space Telescope passed a crucial milestone on the way towards launch.

From NASA Goddard

Amazing Jupiter video

Filmed over 4 hours in 2018 as the Juno probe circled Jupiter.

Credit: NASA, JPL, SwRI, MSSS, SPICE, Gerald Eichstädt

More details here.

Impressive view from space

This photo is from the International Space Station, and available in the NASA Earth Observatory collection.  It shows China, North Korea and South Korea.  Can you tell where each is located?


The Eye of Irma

Thanks to NASA and the GOES-16 satellite:


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