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Where are the Patriots?

ruzzia is showering Ukraine with a nearly non-stop barrage of drones, bombs, and various missiles, aimed at civilian targets and critical infrastructure. Ukraine has insufficient resources to fight off these waves of airborne attacks and has been pleading for more air defense assistance. While almost any modern form of air defense would be useful to Ukraine, what they need most are Patriot missile batteries. They have surveyed the continent and determined that there are roughly 100 Patriot systems deployed. Ukraine is asking that seven such systems be transferred to them to keep their people alive and prevent their infrastructure from falling to total ruin.

On 11 April 2024 the European Parliament, by a 515 – 62 vote, refused to discharge the EU Council’s budget until European leaders decide to support Ukraine with additional Patriot air defense systems. Great! But, to date only Germany has actually pledged to supply any more Patriot systems, vowing to send one battery as quickly as possible. Thank you, Germany. However…

If a country in Western Europe has Patriot batteries, they have them for one primary purpose – to defend against ruzzian attack. The growing consensus is that if Ukraine falls, other parts of Europe will be attacked in turn, so it is to Europe’s advantage to have ruzzia defeated now, and driven out of Ukraine’s 1991 borders. So if Western Europe does not want to have to fire Patriot missiles over their own skies to stop ruzzia’s imperial ambitions, they should supply ample numbers of batteries and missiles so that Ukraine can properly defend itself. Ukraine is, in effect, acting as Western Europe’s shield. The Western Allies must provide Ukraine with any- and everything they need to succeed.

One more thing…

At what point will NATO and/or Europe say enough is enough and take a truly active role in stopping putin?

Energy Minister: Russia damaged 80% of Ukraine’s thermal power plants, half of hydroelectric ones

Russia has damaged 80% of Ukraine’s non-nuclear power plants, including half its hydroelectric ones, and multiple substations over recent weeks, Ukraine’s Energy Minister says.

The Dnipro Hydroelectric Plant after overnight Russian strikes on 22 March 2024. Photo: Ukrinform

If Ukraine loses, the only question is: which country will ruzzia attack next? Poland? A Baltic state? Finland? Kazakstan? Moldova?

ruzzia: stay out of these waters

If NATO wants to avoid direct conflict with Russia, assistance to Ukraine must expand

Ukraine does not have the population that would be required to survive and win a protracted war of attrition defending itself from Russian aggression. Ukraine’s success in this conflict depends on being able to significantly outperform Putin’s forces. Ukraine’s allies need to stop dithering about which weapons systems can be used. Ukraine’s military needs more training, more ammunition, and more heavy and/or longer-range equipment. If that means ramping up production, then so be it.

Poland, the Baltic states, and other Russian border states understand all too well what is at stake. Failure to defeat Russia in Ukraine will automatically raise the threat level from Putin’s megalomania. The Putin contagion must be eliminated now before it has a chance to spread.

Russia terrorism expands

Let’s start with this recent report:

Russia’s actions in the war they started with Ukraine have no limits. There is no line they won’t cross, there is no action too appalling, no atrocity off-limits. This isn’t state-sponsored terrorism, this is state perpetrated terrorism. There is no attempt at a fig leaf of plausible deniability. The fact is that Russian propagandists openly acknowledge the terrorism and call for more, including wiping France, The U.K., and Germany off the map with nuclear weapons.

NATO and many other countries are providing aid to Ukraine, and the more the better. However, at some point NATO needs to draw a line re Moscow’s attempt at slow-motion genocide in Ukraine. Russian success in Ukraine will only lead to further adventures in the rest of the former Soviet states. This needs to be stopped sooner rather than later.

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