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Music of the day…

The first release from the upcoming album by Ataraxia, titled Centaurea.

ATARAXIA – The Source (taken from the album CENTAUREA)

Music of the day

The official Dead Can Dance video for Yulunga.

Dead Can Dance – Yulunga

New music from Peter Bjärgö

Arcana’s Peter Bjärgö has released a new song + video, titled A Most Immaculate Judgement.

Peter Bjärgö – A Most Immaculate Judgement – 2020

Music of the day

Game over! Trobar de Morte video for La Era de las Brujas: Zugarramurdi.

Trobar de Morte – La Era de las Brujas: Zugarramurdi

Have a strange day!

Music of the day

Trobar de Morte in a live performance of Idunn.

Trobar de Morte – Idunn Live 2019

Music of the day

Sister of the Night – by Trobar de Morte, from the 2019 album Witchcraft.

Sister of the Night – Trobar de Morte – 2019

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