New, free music from Projekt

Discovery 2 from Projekt Records is now available at Bandcamp.

From the album’s description:

The Discovery series introduces you to unsigned and underground artists you might not otherwise hear. The styles cover a wide spectrum from shoegaze to dreampop to synth pop — from post-punk to new wave to dark synthgaze. Lots of great music on this collection for fans of the darker, song-oriented side of the Projekt label.

Discovery 2 Album art

The album is pay-what-you-want – including free – and the songs can all be previewed. So, grab a download, make a donation if you can, and enjoy a good listen to music you won’t otherwise find.

Please note: Discovery 1 is still available, also for pay-what-you-want, on Bandcamp. It has some great songs!

Free music

The nice folks at Spotted Peccary Music have released their latest ambient electronic sampler, and you can get it for pay-what-you-want or free over at Bandcamp. Yes, truly free. But if you can, you should really pay them at least something – and there are benefits to doing so. I paid for mine, it’s the right way to go. 61 minutes of musical goodness released in the past year, go for it!

33 – free ambient electronic sampler – 2020