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New (public) seriousness about UFOs by the Pentagon

Start by reading this: Pentagon launches task force to study UFO sightings

You might also like this video series by the NY Post titled The Basement Office that takes a fairly level-headed look at some important current and past UFO news stories. Worth watching if you are interested in the subject.

The Basement Office playlist

Rummaging in the basement and peering into the sky

If you’re developing an interest in UFOs and UAPs, especially in light of the recent government releases about military encounters, you might enjoy a video series I stumbled across. Titled The Basement Office, this is a new series of videos produced by the New York Post.

This series takes a modern look at the subject without the breathless credulity of some programs (I’m looking at you History Channel). I’m really enjoying the series and look forward to more episodes. I won’t say much else about it, you can make up your own mind about the series and the subject matter.

Here is a brief video that acts as a kind of invitation to watch more:

A Sneak Peek at The Basement Office

And did you notice the key word I never used?

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