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Florida: Home of the weird

The headline below says all you really need to know. You can click on it to see the complete story. You might think it worth a look just for the photos of the model citizens involved.

Florida couple has sex in police cruiser after being busted for drunk driving on bicycles

Florida lunatics out in full force

It is well past time for Florida to change from being “The Sunshine State” to the much more realistic motto “The Fucktard State.” If you are one of the few people that actually need to ask “Why?” here are the latest examples. The headlines speak for themselves, but also link to full articles for your illumination and entertainment.

What a whack job: Florida cops seeking chubby serial masturbator at construction site

Delivery man bludgeons Florida woman to death and sets her on fire, cops say

Florida man arrested after botched castration: cops

’He’s just a little boy!’ Florida mom tells deputies arresting 15-year-old son over school shooting threat

Shocking!: This didn’t happen in Florida

The headline says enough, but the added details in the article are worth a read:

A woman with a history of dog sex has been indicted for bank robbery


Typical Floridian

Another classic Florida headline:

Florida man gets out of jail, immediately steals from car in prison parking lot: cops

The article in the New York Post is a head-shaker, the photo just lovely.

Ask for it by name!

Another case of the headline telling you just about all you need to know, but I am including a link to the article – it might help you if you get the urge to go shopping:

‘So bizarre’: People are getting high off ‘Catnip Cocktail’ and going wild, New Jersey police say

Why am I not surprised that this is a thing in New Jersey?  The only way this could be less weird is if it was in Florida.

This is why we can’t have nice things

Headline this morning on USA Today‘s web site:  “The Internet loses it over Kylie Jenner’s reported pregnancy”

’nuff said.

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