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A fitting setting

So I had just got off work this afternoon.  I was sitting on a bench, waiting for a bus.  The temperature was dropping fast and a cold wind from the NW was slicing right through my suddenly inadequate clothes. The skies looked like this:

cold sky

And playing on my iPod: Mother Russia by Renaissance. I felt like I had been transported to some small city in the West Siberian Plain, nowhere near Florida.

What were they thinking?

So, today I saw this:

Always White

The name of the color shade is “You’re Always White!”  What is this, part of the wet n wild Aryan Nations collection?

Headline says it all

Happened in Germany, but the article isn’t necessary.

Nursing home escapees

At the bus stop

Last Friday I picked up my new eyeglasses.  While waiting for the bus home, these two birds (sand hill cranes maybe?) also seemed to be waiting for a bus.  They did not get on my bus, perhaps they were waiting for the southbound bus.


Impressive view from space

This photo is from the International Space Station, and available in the NASA Earth Observatory collection.  It shows China, North Korea and South Korea.  Can you tell where each is located?


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