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New music updates

New music is always good news.  Here are a couple new selections available though the fine folks at Bandcamp.



This is a 5-track digital only EP.

Chandeen Rogue


Black Tape For A Blue Girl:

Knock Three Times (2010 live with Nicki Jaine)

This is a 3-track digital only EP, priced as pay-what-you-want (even free).  Real supporters of course at least tip the artist, right?

Anyway, head over to, give a listen and support these artists – or some other artists.  New (to you) music is good for the soul.

New music from Qntal

New CD release from Qntal.  Qntal VIII – Nachtblume is their first album in four years.  You can order it at Projekt Records.

Qntal - Nachtblume

New Music from Paulina Cassidy!

Paulina Cassidy has released a new album on Projekt Records, titled Drawing Up A Storm.  The album will be available at the usual suspects (iTunes, Amazon, and so on) on Friday, Feb. 23, 2018.  However, the album is available now, exclusively at Bandcamp.  So hustle your bustle over to Bandcamp and pick up you copy now. I did!

Drawing Up a Storm invite

Free Music at Bandcamp! Yum!

Projekt Records, via Bandcamp, has a free digital download of Area’s Agate Lines, a best of/retrospective album with material from all five albums and previously unreleased songs.  Area is a darkwave/dreampop band and this album is available  at name your price (including free).  Of course the nice thing to do would be to pay something, think of it as a tip.  All the tracks can be previewed at the Bandcamp page.  Go for it!

Area-Agate Lines cover

More Free Music

Projekt Records has made another album available on Bandcamp for “name your price” – including free.  The album is Antholgy Archive by Revue Noir, which is a dark cabaret collaboration between chanteuse Nicki Jaine and Black Tape for a Blue Girl leader Sam Rosenthal.

Free Music! Projekt! Bandcamp! Darkwave!

It’s Saturday.  Why not treat yourself to some free music?  Today’s selection: The Collection, by Black Tape for a Blue Girl. This album is a collection of works by Black Tape for a Blue Girl, a Darkwave band out of Portland, Oregon.

Cover art for The Collection album

The band was formed by Sam Rosenthal, who also founded Projekt Records.  Projekt Records is one of many, many labels that can be found on the amazing website.  So, downloading this album will help introduce you to (possibly) Darkwave music, Projekt Records, and Bandcamp.  What a fabulous trifecta!  And yes, the album is really free, but you will notice the chance to pay what you want (which includes paying nothing) – may I suggest at least leaving a tip?  Totally up to you, no judgement.  I use PayPal there all the time, but that isn’t the only payment method available.

Be sure to browse around while you’re visiting Bandcamp.  Look around by band, album, or song, or best yet by genre.  I have found so much to love there.  Want to see the music I have acquired there, or have on my wish list? You can even see the bands and record labels I am following.

Anyway, why not get something fresh and new today?  Do your ears a favor.

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