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A well-done alternative War of the Worlds

The Great Martian War (1913 – 1917)

Excellent Sci-Fi short film

A very short SciFi movie

Sci-Fi Short Film R’ha

A very short SciFi film


A very short SciFi film

Cover Your Eyes

A very short Sci-Fi film

Time is precious.

Black Box

A very short Sci-Fi film
The Black Hole

If you are going to time-travel be sure to wear your fox head.

Your Last Day on Earth

A short Sci-Fi film

Found this on DUST.

Sci-Fi Short Film – Voskhod

Reading recommendation

Here is another web comic I am really enjoying.  Titled Strange Attractors, its is a retro style sci-fi/space opera tale.  The story is character driven and I really like the artwork, especially the comic book covers used at chapter starts.  Check it out.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to spend some time (a lot of time) at the Museum of Lost Things?  Now if only one of our local comic shops had a complete set of Spicy Space Stories


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