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How long?

How long will you permit the NRA to own the Congress?

How long will you allow the NRA to own the President?  (Well, share the President with Russia)

How long will you allow the NRA to hold your safety and the safety of your loved ones hostage?

How long will the needless carnage continue?

Any and every elected official who has accepted money from the NRA is complicit in the slaughter.

How will you vote later this year?  Do you even vote?  Do you care enough to participate?  Will you wait until the event you or you family members are attending is shot to pieces before you care?

Fire Congressmen, not guns.  Fire Senators, not guns.  Fire the President, not guns.

Thoughts and prayers?  Thoughts and prayers?  Shut up you damned hypocrites!

End the madness.

What follows is a simultaneously humorous and serious look at the U.S. gun violence problem done by a TV show in The Netherlands.  Originally posted in October, 2017, it is no less relevant today.


Members of the House and Senators alike lack the courage to face down the NRA fearing that they will lose their seats.  They wory more about remaining in power than doing right by the people they are supposed to represent.  We as voters need to show them that losing their seats will be a direct consequence of failing to take real action on gun violence.

And I will keep posting this because of its brief burst of brilliance and insight.

[wpvideo Oy4fAdZC]



Your voice assistant is very easily hacked.

Using frequencies you cannot hear, but heard by Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant, and Alexa (to name some), your assistants can be controlled by others.  Those taking control of your device this way can load malware, load malicious web pages, call telephone numbers, and more.

There is not, as yet, a fix for this.  But you should be aware of the problem.

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