Astronomy update

First, a great video from Sixty Symbols describing the work of this year’s Nobel Prize in Physics winners:

Exoplanets and Cosmology – Nobel Prize in Physics 2019

Next, an update from John Michael Godier on the latest interstellar visitor, Comet Borisov:

Interstellar Comet 2I/Borisov Update For October 12, 2019

Follow-up note: Here is extra footage about the work of Dr. James Peebles. If you found the first video above interesting, you will want to watch this too.

A new favorite video channel

As the title states, I have a new addition to my list of favorite video channels.  Created by Dr. Becky Smethurst, the Dr. Becky channel is a weekly show about astrophysics.  Here is this week’s episode:

I first saw Dr. Becky in her appearances in Brady Haran’s YouTube channels Sixty Symbols and Deep Sky Videos – which are both great and you should subscribe to all three.