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About the future

This is the 22nd consecutive daily post to this blog. The longest such stretch in its history. That string of posts will eventually break, and likely soon. This blog, like so much of my life, is without much meaning or purpose. As it stands, I cannot afford to continue the hosting plan I am on. While I won’t shut the blog down, the blog will change. Posts will be less frequent and ads will appear. Such is life. If I fall into some money, I might improve the hosting. If I get some inspiration for a specific direction to take this blog… well, we’ll see what happens. Come September things here will change unless my circumstances change. Just so you know. In the rather unlikely event that anyone actually reads this.

Life happens…

Sorry things have been slow here lately, heart problems and hospitalization. Back on track now, I hope.

If you like this blog…

My annual hosting bill comes due in about a week. If anybody wants to make a donation to help keep this site going ad-free, this is a good time to do so. No pressure, this is the only time this year I will mention the subject.


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