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Something to do

Suggested item: a flashlight

Go ahead, grab a flashlight.  I’ll wait…

All set?  Good.  Here is my suggestion:

Go outside, tonight, or some night, or every night.  Look up, find a nice cloud-free patch of sky and point your flashlight at it.  Turn the flashlight on for a second, or five seconds, or whatever feels right to you.

When you shined your flashlight at the sky you sent an uncountable number of photons out into the universe.  Those that made it past the atmosphere without colliding with dust or a water droplet or some other obstacle will likely travel across the cosmos for eternity.  Space is so empty, and the distances between objects are so huge and ever-expanding, those photons could go on, literally, forever.

You will have set in motion something infinite and eternal.

So go outside, stare awhile at the stars above you.  Take a deep breath, relax, and shine a light.  Remember that while everything we experience here on this world exists for only the briefest flicker of time, we can also, in our way, touch eternity.

Sleep well.

Napping is weird

Albert Einstein discovered Time Dilation, but I doubt even he could tell us why when we nap, sometimes we will sleep for 30 minutes and feel like we must have slept at least 6 hours, and we can sleep for over 8 hours and wake up convinced no more than 15 minutes have passed.

Then there is that whole “I just took a nap and I feel even more tired now.” thing.

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