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So many war crimes…

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putin is kidnapping Ukraine’s children

At what point will NATO and/or Europe say enough is enough and take a truly active role in stopping putin?

Energy Minister: Russia damaged 80% of Ukraine’s thermal power plants, half of hydroelectric ones

Russia has damaged 80% of Ukraine’s non-nuclear power plants, including half its hydroelectric ones, and multiple substations over recent weeks, Ukraine’s Energy Minister says.

The Dnipro Hydroelectric Plant after overnight Russian strikes on 22 March 2024. Photo: Ukrinform

If Ukraine loses, the only question is: which country will ruzzia attack next? Poland? A Baltic state? Finland? Kazakstan? Moldova?

Ruzzians steal children

Photo of a child's lost sneakers

From the Ukraine NOW Telegram:

According to the US State Department, since February 24, 260,000 Ukrainian children have been forcibly removed from Ukraine to remote regions of Russia

State Department spokesman Vedant Patel said that they are aware of numerous facts of how Russian invaders deliberately separate Ukrainian children from their parents and kidnap children from orphanages, and then give them up for adoption in Russia.

“Various sources, including the Russian government, indicate that the Russian authorities have evicted 260,000 children from [Ukraine] to Russia, often to remote areas of the Far East,” Patel said.

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