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Stop the spread

Imagine, if you will, if Trump and his supporters had these on 6 January 2021

Just thinking aloud…

I wonder how many people Trump will claim attend the rallies he will be holding in a jail cell somewhere in Upstate New York?

Evil in the White House

Trump is a moron

Trump Claims ‘1917’ Pandemic Ended World War II—Which Began in 1939

President Donald Trump suggested Monday evening that the “1917” influenza pandemic ended World War II, wrongly citing both the year that the pandemic occurred and the year that World War II ended.

The big picture rationale of why Trump must be replaced

Vote. No excuses, just do it.

Are you registered to vote in the U.S.? If not, get registered now.

Just to be clear about this…

Washington Post columnist Max Boot said it best in his 20 July 2020 column:

Trump has repeatedly said that if we didn’t test so much, we wouldn’t have so many cases. That’s like saying you can’t be pregnant if you don’t take a pregnancy test.

This is how it starts.

Trump admires authoritarian dictators a wants to be like them. The process is already underway.

You cannot afford to ignore this video

This is why we can’t have nice things

20) Georgia Governor Brian Kemp stakes a solid claim on the title of “Shittiest Governor USA 2020”: Georgia Governor Sues Atlanta Mayor To Block Citywide Mask Mandate

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